Clinical pragmatism: bridging theory and practice.

TitleClinical pragmatism: bridging theory and practice.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsFins, Joseph J., Miller Franklin G., and Bacchetta Matthew D.
JournalKennedy Inst Ethics J
Date Published1998 Mar
KeywordsBioethics, Consensus, Decision Making, Ethical Analysis, Ethical Theory, Ethics, Ethics, Clinical, Ethics, Medical, Methods, Principle-Based Ethics

This response to Lynn Jansen's critique of clinical pragmatism concentrates on two themes: (1) contrasting approaches to moral epistemology and (2) the connection between theory and practice in clinical ethics. Particular attention is paid to the status of principles and the role of consensus, with some closing speculations on how Dewey might view the current state of bioethics.

Alternate JournalKennedy Inst Ethics J
PubMed ID11656752

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