Talks and Conferences

Late recovery and hidden cognition in the severely injured brain: an unmet challenge

The Robert and Russell Moody Lecture Series

April 4, 2018

Understanding human consciousness through the lens of recovery from coma

American Philosophical Society

April 28, 2016

Brain Injury, Ethics, and the Struggle for Consciousness: A Conversation with Dr. Joseph Fins

School of Continuing Education, Columbia University

October 29, 2015

An Interview With Joseph J. Fins

Cambridge University Press

July 17, 2015

Apprehending Consciousness

The Helix Center

March 7, 2015

Central thalamic deep brain stimulation: from proof of concept toward generalizability

New Ideas, Perspectives and Applications in Functional Neurosurgery

December 19, 2014

Measuring Borderline States of Consciousness

NYU Center for Mind, Brain, and Consciousness and the NYU Center for Bioethics

October 24, 2014

Weill Cornell Medicine Consortium for the Advanced Study of Brain Injury 520 East 70th Street New York, NY